ECOGUARD! – Different than the big name competitors

EcoGuard is a water based carpet and furniture protector that is different from other products. Unlike Scotch Guard and Teflon, it does not contain solvents or any known harmful chemicals. Not only is it safer but independent trials have shown it to perform better than the competition in stain and soil protection. The more traffic you carpet gets, the more sense a protector makes. For more information check our FAQ

How Does It Work?

New Carpet Fibers – When new, the fibers have no damage, unfortunately over time this changes.

Dirty Carpet Fibers – Once your carpet gets worn by foot traffic, its fibers get damaged and become porous thus allowing things to stick to it. This is why the more used carpet gets, the more it needs attention.

Worn Carpet Fibers – Having the carpet cleaned makes it look great but the fibers are still damaged.

Eco Guard – By having EcoGuard applied after a good cleaning, the gaps in the fibers get filled in. The dirt and other things you don’t want stuck to your carpet will be vacuumed away.