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In the carpet cleaning business, the job quality is in proportion to the quality of cleaners and equipment. That’s why we chose the best.

Method – A quality carpet cleaning job isn’t just about the safe cleaners. The proper cleaning method is also critical. Every carpet cleaner has their favored carpet cleaning method, but Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) is the best. No other method cleans as deep, or performs such a thorough rinse. It takes more time and is harder work, but Hot Water Extraction is the best method for the customer. At Eco Clean, we strive to be the best green carpet cleaner, so we use the carpet cleaning method that provides the best results for the customer.

Equipment – We use the incredibly powerful Vortex Cleaning Machine. The performance that this Hot Water Extraction machine offers is amazing. The Vortex utilizes the largest vacuum system in our industry, which enables us to clean further away from our truck than any other company in town. More important is the fact that more suction equals more soiled water removed and the faster your carpet dries. Have you ever had your carpet cleaned and it was still damp 24 hours later? This situation is more than inconvenient, the job was left half finished and the dirty water left behind is proof. This is not an issue with the Vortex, carpet is typically dry in 2 or 3 hours. The other major benefit of the Vortex is water temperature. When grease, oils and grime are present, the hotter the water, the better it cleans. With a standard water temperature of 260 degrees, it does an incredible job. Our eco friendly, green cleaners and green business practices give you a clean conscience, but the Vortex is what gives you clean carpet.