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We’ve seen that green is good… but does it work?

Not only does it work, it is superior to conventional carpet cleaning. We use very powerful natural cleaners that can deal with even the most soiled carpets. Those natural cleaners, coupled with the most powerful equipment, allow us to carpet clean safer and better than the competition. If green carpet cleaning works as good as the alternative, why doesn’t every carpet cleaner do it? We can’t speak for the other cleaners, but we choose to be green because it is simply the right thing to do.

There are more and more quality green cleaning products entering the market, making it easier to be a green carpet cleaner. This enables us to use green products in all aspects of carpet cleaning, from our spotters, to pre-sprays, degreasers, rinses, deodorizers, you name it, it’s green. We don’t believe in carrying one green cleaner so we can call ourselves green. We believe in providing a truly green carpet cleaning service from start to finish!

Eco Clean ingredients: Food grade minerals, lime peel extract, grapefruit seed oil, Valencia orange peel extract and natural enzymes. These are the primary ingredients found in the safe products we use. Our product lines include Planet Guard (which has Green Seal, Envirodesic and Environmental Choice certifications), and products by Biokleen, who have been making environmentally responsible, safe and natural cleaners since 1989. When cleaning carpet and tile we use the Planet Guard line that contains 5 food grade ingredients. Planet Guard or Biokleen products are used on upholstery.

How it works: First, we thoroughly vacuum the carpet to remove solid matter. Next we apply a mixture of natural cleaners that break down dirt and odors. Then we use Hot Water Extraction (also called steam cleaning) to flush the carpet, upholstery, or tile with water 50 degrees above boiling temperature.
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Safe Carpet Cleaning

child safe green cleanersChildren: We are especially concerned about the health and safety of children. They are more at risk of being affected by harmful chemicals. That is why we use non-toxic cleaning products, so you can be free from worry that your children will be exposed to hazardous fumes and residue.

We are committed to never use a harmful chemical, or cleaners that are bad for the environment. By doing so we offer you a service that you can put your confidence in, knowing that it is safe for you, your children and your pets too.